All your Questions answered in one place

Some of your Questions:

What are the main sections of the website?

a. The 2 books are available in PDF for easy access and download

b. A voice introduction in 3 languages to summarize the main ideas of the books.

c. A diagram summarizing the ideas of the book as a mind map. You can click on any title on the diagram it leads you to this title in the books.

d. A section explaining who the author is and why he wrote the books and the methodologies he used.

e. During your reading, you will find important words in another color .If you click on it, it will lead you to a gallery of pictures and videos related to the topic as well as related articles and links to know more about the topic.

f. A section called Tadabbur ...A Diagram summarizing the 30 chapters of the Qur'an and its 114 Suras divided into Rub`s (a 8th of the Qur'anic Chapter ) . If you can click on any Rub` , you will find the Meditation conclusions done on the verses of this Rub`,

Only the first Rub` of Qur'an is available now and every month, a new Rub` will be added.

g. A gallery of pictures and videos about everything created on earth such as seas, sky , mountains, animals, flowers ...to know better the unique Creator and link it with the unique Creator's words in the Holy Qur'an.

f. An e-mail address is available for communication for any question, suggestions, or inquiries.

Is there a specific translation used for the meanings of the Qur'anic verses?

The English translation of verses was taken from Dr. Mostafa Khattab translation (The Clear Quran.......). 

The French translation was taken from ......Hamid Ullah translation of King HoweverFahd. However, the author reviewed the translations and made some adjustments based on his understanding of the verses.

Can we share the website content and the books.?

These books and the website were done to be a present from the author to all human beings. Thus you are totally free to use all material for free.

In which language are these books originally written?

These books are written in Arabic and are then translated to French and English.

What is the advice the author gives to those interested in reading the books?

a. Start by understanding the structure of the books through the summary and diagram.

b. Start by reading the path to ALLAH is the Straight Path (Al-Sirat Al- Mustaqimostakim) then the second book ( The path to ALLAH's Love is the Perfection of Benevolence).

c. Use links in the book to explore more the topics.

d. Use these books to change and redirect your life towards one objective, namely, winning more of ALLAH's love. Knowledge is not the objective; it is rather the application of this knowledge through good deeds that matters.

e. Apply what you learn through your meditation of the Qur'anic verses in your daily reading and try to have your own understanding of the verses and consequently your own piety.

f. Use the ideas of the book to think, .meditate on, contemplate, reflect on Allah's visible world  (Universe) as well as Allah's readable world (ALLAH's verses) and make connections between them.

h. Ask ALLAH for support so that you can make best use of the knowledge you get through continuous supplications before and at the end of each time you read the books or browse the website.

Are these books written for only Moslems?

This book is for any human being who thinks and seeks answers to the questions related to the human existence and its role in life.

The belief concern the belief in One Unique Creator who sent all prophets along history with the same message which is that there is no God except Him and to worship Him and only Him .

All Allah wordsinvited human beings to the same religion with different canons through Holy books ending by the Holy Great Koran.

What is the main conclusions of these books?

At the end of the books, the author is providing 25 recommendations to the reader to follow to be able to reach ALLAH Love in its highest level

These recommendations are the main conclusions of the books.