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The name I chose to introduce myself is:(A servant seeking Allah's Love) I am a thinker and a researcher who is having many questions about his existence in this vast universe...I am sure that many others share my questions.Learning, starting with reading about everything, is the real fuel for our brains that enables us to think, contemplate and meditate on the world around us ...We have to see, hear and think with benevolence in order to understand who we really are.

why I wrote these books?

After more than 40 years of research, I think I have got some answers that deserve to be shared ...That's why I wrote these books and created this website in Arabic, English and French to be able to reach the minds of most human beings on earth ...Thinking together and exchanging our findings will help us understand better ourselves and others as well as the world in which we live ...Together we can contribute to make the world a better place by making the humans more benevolent and more loved by their Unique Creator. We aim to win the best of this worldly life and of the Hereafter and not only to win Paradise but also to win the Love of our Unique Creator and get the great honor of seeing HIS MAJESTY

Strategy of writing these books.

In order to benefit from these books, it is essential to clarify the main methodology used in these books. These books are totally based on knowledge-based reasoning (before and after faith) and on the Holy words of the Unique Creator in the Qur'anic verses as well as on the Sunnah (Prophet Muhammad's words and acts). Knowledge-based reasoning is the basic foundation to reach the Straight Path (Al-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem), i.e. the belief in One Unique Creator then embracing Islam. Afterwards starts the guidance on the Straight Path based on the two foundations together ( Qur'anic verses added to the knowledge-based reasoning about ALLAH’s signs in the universe). The author gathered all the Qur'anic verses explaining one topic, and linked their meanings to the visible world to reach true understanding .The most important concepts that were meditated in details are ( the Straight Path – Guidance –Men of understanding –Logic -Islam – Faith – Good Deeds – Piety – Benevolence ) On the other hand, the path to win more of ALLAH’s love was clarified in a practical way by explaining the nine qualities that ALLAH has stated that He loves in the Holy Qur'an as well as the qualities that He does not love. If the human being applied these qualities and did good deeds while believing, ALLAH's love for him will increase and he will get nearer to His Majesty by going up the eight grades of Paradise till reaching Al-Firdaws Al- A`la. The Model on the Straight Path are the Prophets and Messengers –Peace be upon them- and their Leader Prophet Muhammad – Peace be upon him- who was a Qur'an walking among people and was the best model of Pious Benevolent people who perfect their benevolence either by doing every deed perfectly or by being benevolent towards everything and everyone Allah Has created for the sake of ALLAH's love.